Why Grain Free?



 Some animals just don’t do well with grain-based foods and treats.  Some dogs and cats have allergy's to grain based ingredients.

Are grains harmful?


 There are no scientific studies to indicate that grains are bad for dogs.   Some dogs are allergic to corn, wheat, and other common grains so they need to eat dog foods and treats that don’t have these grains in them. People may refer to these treats as “grain-free”  

A Healthy Choice


We use fresh ingredients to create a healthy treat without grains.  We use eggs, meats, fruits and vegetables as our main ingredients and turn these dehydrated treats into crispy sensations made just for your pets! 

Menu / Price List

While some dogs are lactose intolerant most are not and there is nothing wrong with the occasional cheese treat. It is recommended that all treats be kept below 10% of your dogs daily calorie intake.